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Me: Do you like the vegan dish I made?

Brother: It's ok but it needs meat!


It is a very difficult question to answer. I myself have cats and run a non- profit were we rescue cats. Cats are carnivores by nature and dogs are omnivores. They both need meat to survive but humans do not. Cats and were domesticated by humans and they are our responsibility. The food my cats eat do have animal products in them. Its sucks that I have to buy these products but I love my cats and want them to be healthy. I am on the lookout for a cat food brand in South Africa that has free range meat in their products. Animals would still need to die to make the products but what else can one do? I would suggest to any other vegan who wants to adopt a furry friend to rather get one that eats plants only.

Come on! What’s the Problem with Eating Eggs?

If you ever wondered why vegans avoid eating eggs, or why they object to eggs being eaten at all, here is the simple answer.

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